About Steph

HI! I'm Steph

I’m a mum to two children, a farmer’s wife and a nurse/midwife. After the birth of my first child, I had the ‘ah ha’ moment about why what I do as a midwife, is SO important. I thought about my birth all the time in the days and weeks following it, I felt so lucky that I had a good experience.

We moved to Coalstoun Lakes following the birth of my first child and I had a different experience for my second pregnancy. I was able to have another continuity of care pregnancy and birth thanks to a local private midwife, however the appointments were quite a distance away and when I came home, I felt really cut off from valuable services.

I recognised in my postpartum journey that I have a unique set of skills that I can use out here in the bush. Just because we’re rural, doesn’t mean we should miss out on exceptional care and seeing the same midwife during our pregnancy.

This is how ‘The Rural Midwife’ was born. After further study, I became an endorsed midwife meaning I can see women privately with medicare rebates. I want to support as many mum’s locally as I can, so they feel supported closer to home. I want to educate families in the antenatal period and support parents in the postnatal period. I want you to access quality care in your home town.

I’m so pleased to be doing this work, midwifery is where my heart lies. I look forward to supporting you and yours during this life changing journey!

Have a great day!

Steph x