In Home Support

Antenatal and Postnatal Care – In home care

I can support you during your pregnancy, and up to 6 weeks after baby is born. As an Eligible Midwife, I can write referrals, request blood tests and ultrasounds needed and write prescriptions (if required) during your pregnancy.


Currently, I am seeing women in their homes.


Personalised to your needs and care closer to home. Referrals will be made to the hospital you wish to birth at, and care can continue in your home.

One off appointments available if you’re needing more support and reassurance during pregnancy.


A referral form from your GP or Obstetrician is required. Referral form available here.


Up front payment required.


Booking appointment: $75

Short Antenatal appointment (up to 40 mins): $45

Long Antenatal appointment (over 40 mins): $65 


Postnatal care:

One hour visit $120

Postnatal package: $300


Receive 3 in home visits* and be supported during your transition as a new family. Education around infant sleep and settling, breastfeeding support, weighing and measuring baby and referrals to professionals if required.


* traveling fee may apply


* payment via cash, eftpos or direct debit. Bank account details will be provided upon booking.