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Do you care about your care?

I had a really lovely day – there are 101 things that I love about being a midwife, it really is my calling in life, one of the benefits is meeting like minded men and women. Most of the midwives I know have the same philosophy – they want to make a difference to the lives of women. Whether it be in the clinics during pregnancy, in the birth suite assisting their babies into the world, during the postnatal setting assisting the transition to motherhood and everything in between – midwives are special people.

Embrace Midwifery

Today I had the pleasure of meeting with the private midwife in Bundaberg, Klare. I checked out her office and told her a little about me and my hypnobirthing dream. Klare has been providing private midwifery services to the Bundaberg area since 2012. Klare cares for her clients in home or her office during pregnancy, births them at the local hospital and provides postnatal care in the home setting. She also visits Gayndah once a month to provide a bulk billed mums and bub’s service. Klare is passionate about making a difference to women by providing continuity services – and her wall of happy mum’s and bub’s shows that she is achieving her goal.

It got me thinking about birthing choices for women in the area and how it’s important to choose the right provider for you. When having a baby, there are so many decisions to make. Everything seems to have different choices – car seats alone drove me crazy. There are so many! Which is the best… what if I don’t like it… is it worth the money? The same applies for care providers.

It’s a great thing that we have so much choice. We are very lucky to live in a country where we have access to free and safe birthing options. We are given choices about who and where we would like to birth. We are free to ask questions and give consent to everything that occurs during our care. It is important however that we choose the best birth provider for us.

During the hypnobirthing course, we learn about some different care models available. Care available for the North Burnett region is varied because of the different locations that are available for us to travel to. In Bundaberg specifically, care available includes public care at the hospital, private midwifery care and private obstetric care.

What’s the difference? Let’s look at the professions of a midwife and obstetrician. Midwives typically provide all labour care, and birth babies. Obstetricians birth babies, attend high risk births and perform caesarean sections. Midwives need obstetricians when things branch out of “normal” and obstetrician’s need midwives for labour care and support. Research suggests that for low risk, well women, maternity care is a good mode of care. If you are high risk, but like the idea of continuity with a midwife, you may have a midwife and obstetrician work together. You may choose to birth solely with an obstetrician. The options are many!

How do you know which care is best for you? Talk to your provider about your wishes. Work out what it is that you want when birthing and discuss your preferences with them. Tell them what you would like in the event of… ask their opinion on your wishes. Do they agree with your wishes? If yes, perfect! It’s wonderful to have a relationship built on trust moving into your birth. If no, is there a compromise you can both come to. If not, perhaps it is time to consider a new provider. The choice is yours. It is your baby and your birth, your wishes should always be considered. A relationship of open discussion will ease any worries you might have on this matter. You will know if your care provider doesn’t feel right!

Why is this important? You want the best person for the job – your job. If you have an idea of how you would like to birth, have a chat with your provider. Find the best provider for you! Set yourself up with a trust network and achieve your ideal birth.

It’s possible!


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