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I’m a happy hypnobub!

There are so many benefits that I have enjoyed from hypnobirthing. One of the nicest – and I am not biased in noticing is that I have a very happy little hypnobub. Oliver was born quickly and calmly into the world. He let out a big scream to clear his lungs and he’s been fairly content ever since.

Oliver enjoying his first bath.

I am not alone in having a happy hypnobub, there are stacks of hypnobirthing mum’s that say they have happy babies after birth (check out the testimonials at… and it really makes sense! Birth is traumatic for babies… even the best births are full on. Never again in your life will your body endure the forces that are put on it as it is delivered through the birth canal or via caesarean section. It’s a tight squeeze through there. Nature has designed it that way, babies use the big squeeze to get their lungs ready to breathe, however it’s still a really big day for the little babes. If we can make the process as calm as possible, and show our babies plenty of love, they soon realise they aren’t in this world alone.

Lots of sleepy cuddles with Mum in the early days

If a baby can be birthed and spend some time on mum’s chest immediately following birth, it makes the process so much nicer. Your baby immediately feels loved and supported. Your baby is home. They can feel the heat of your body, the smell of mum, the sound of your heart beating, that familiar voice. It’s very comforting. Of course this is not always possible, and that’s ok too – whatever is best for baby at the time. Luckily skin to skin is always available… for those babies that can’t be with mum straight away, it’s great to pop them against you when they’re well and ready.

Ollie spent most of his 24 hours of life skin to skin

Babies are smart. Just like our animal counterparts, our babies can find their way to the breast and start drinking. There’s some really cool video’s out there, like this one that shows the breast crawl. Some women have a dark line appear on their bellies during pregnancy, also known as the Linea Nigra that is often as dark as your nipples. The idea of it? A bit of a mud map for baby to make it up to the breast. How cool are we! They want to be against us while they’re newbies so they can have access to their food source, warmth and the love of mum.

Oliver enjoys the milk drunk feels

I’m very lucky to call myself mum to this little human, he’s really wonderful. I’m so glad that I’ve had the opportunity to be with him in his first months of life and had the knowledge to birth him calmly. They’re only little for such a little time… hold them close and breathe them in.


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